Aside from tiramisu and zabaglione, Italians haven’t spent as much effort on desserts like the French have.

Or so I told everyone who would listen.

But in Larkspur (with outposts in Union Square and Chestnut Street) in the heart of Marin’s culinary desert, Emporio Rulli makes me eat my words.

Though they offer excellent caffee fare in a slick Italian setting, it is their bakery that makes the trip to Marin irresistible.

There are always several dozen extremely light, richly flavorful cookies available here. I suggest you start with luscious baby éclair zeppoli, or donut-like bambolini with either apricot or custard fillings or delicate ciade wafers with almond cream.

All these nut-studded, perfectly crunchy, sublime cookies were created by a talented Italian from the hill town of Terra Linda.

emporio rulli

464 Magnolia


7:30am to 5:30pm every day.

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