Are you self-conscious South of Market? Do you feel in the wrong demographic when you venture into the Mission, slightly wary that your wallet or your car will be stolen?Get over it. The wonderfully inventive restaurants in that part of town will welcome you warmly, happy to accept your Visa. For starters try the brunch at Serpentine in the rapidly renovating Dogpatch arrondisement. Do it on Saturday because Sundays it’s as packed as the Montgomery BART station at rush hour. And do it soon because the chef isn’t promising to keep his wondrous, rich, oceanic, lemony Fried Oyster Benedict ($13.50) on the menu much longer. Brunch became a culinary cliché decades ago but at Serpentine they’ve really made efforts to refresh the concept. Baked eggs with corn and spinach ($11.50) and butternut squash bread pudding ($11.50) are served in a very cool industrial space midst hipsters too busy being young to stare at you.


2495 third street


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