Two words still strike fear into faint hearts – West Oakland. But the area is changing and delicious proof of that is Brown Sugar Kitchen planted along the Mandela Parkway in a gritty industrial neighborhood. This outpost of southern cooking and hospitality, in a diner-like space, manages to reinvent the most basic of meals – breakfast. There are not too many places around the bay where you can get beignets this light ($5), or a comforting bowl of cheddar cheese grits ($3.5o) or the mysteriously popular cornmeal waffle and fried chicken ($14). Lunch has an even stronger Southern accent including a rich Fried Oyster Po’Boy ($10.50) and a spicy Jerk Chicken ($16).

Jammed, like every East Bay brunch place, on Sundays but what’s the rush? The customer watching is great here mixing artists and police officers.

2534 Mandela Parkway


7am-3pm Tue-Sat

8am-3pm Sun


brown sugar kitchen

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