It’s more of a donut patisserie than a Dunkin’ Donuts. This new place is on Lower 24th Street near Mission, an ethnically eclectic neighborhood to say the least.

Parking is iffy. The donuts are $2-3. But if you are wondering what the next big sucrose trend is after cupcakes, Dynamo Donuts could possibly be it.

The flavors are irresistibly original and change daily. Wildly off-beat ones like Chipolte Cinnamon Spiced Chocolate, Banana Dulce de Leche, Apricot Honey and in a salute to Canada, Bacon-Apple with Maple Glaze and Apricot Honey.

The excellent coffee is from Stumptown .

Though it’s designed as a walk-up-and-take-out there are tables inside and a few chairs on the street.

dynamo donuts

2760 24th Street/Hampshire

(415) 920-1978

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