Explaining Alice in Wonderland’s appetite for mushrooms to your grandkids is easy if you take them to Los Altos’ Hidden Villa.

Their wondrous Mushroom Hike is:

Sunday Nov. 8 & Saturday Nov. 21

10am – 1pm

It’ s like an Easter egg hunt only instead of eggs it’s fungi. Designed for kids 10 and older this is a great way to discover why mushrooms are half plant and half animal. A professional mycologist will identify the many varieties that grow on this “farm”. There will be no collecting or consuming and therefore no toxic surprises.

Hidden Villa, built in 1928 covers 1600 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains 40 minutes south of SF. . It’s astonishing schedule of unique kids’ classes include making mozzarella, milking goats and preparing native California dishes from oaks and acorns.

hidden villa

26870 Moody Road

Los Altos


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