Has San Francisco finally awakened from its long architectural slumber?

The new deYoung set the benchmark for arresting contemporary architecture.

There’s still another new building also draped in a veil of perforated steel – the Federal Office building (yes, the United States Federal Government!) south of Market near the Civic Center – that’s almost as inventive and even greener.

Visits are definitely encouraged if you don’t mind a quick security check as you enter.

It’s just 18 floors, but the architect, Thom Mayne of Morphosis has lightened it with a meshed Gehrey-esque stainless steel curtain on the south side that peaks on the roof in a vast, angled fold. The lobby is an ode to raw materials and minimalism. You are encouraged to take the elevator to the 11th floor open air viewing area.

It’s a stunning piece of architecture and a model of sustainable design.

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