Should you lose interest in the band playing at the newly renovated Fox Theater in Oakland, you can entertain yourself by looking around the awesomely stoned examples of 1920’s design covering every inch of the walls and ceilings. Built in 1928, it’s huge (can seat up to 2,800 and often includes cabaret seating with drinks and dinner) a stunningly indescribable fusion of Indian, Moorish, Medieval and Kitsch architecture.

More artistically confused than the purer deco Paramount Theater down the street, it is well worth a visit though the music runs to the likes of the Dropdead Murphys and Widespread Panic.

Large scale, live entertainment seems to be making a comeback in the Bay Area. Redwood City has renovated its own Fox. Stayed tuned for the soon-to-be restored UC Theater in Berkeley and check out the glorious glass Craneway Pavilion in Richmond with it’s wraparound Bay views.

Fox Theater

1807 Telegraph


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