Sausalito has been an enigma for years with its staggering views of the Bay vs. its cheeseball touristy downtown. Not much is left of the town’s boho heritage but you can still

have an unforgettable experience spending a night, a week or even longer at one of the houseboats in the 11 marinas north of town. These are not the funky, floating artist studios you might imagine especially at rates that start at $250 a night or $2000 and up for a week.

Clean, well-appointed and quiet with many sleeping four to six this is a unique place for a family getaway, especially if they are all speaking to each other.

Sit on the deck and stare at the Bay or rent kayaks and sailboats. There’s even a small, sandy

and clean beach at Schoonmaker Point. A stroll away are terrific meals at Le Garage and Fish.

For more information explore:

our sausalito


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