Whatever happened to “tired blood”? In our television childhood the threat of being “iron poor” loomed in front of us like the specter of some day growing old. Fortunately, as we learned from watching our favorite quiz shows, there was a cure for this mystery ailment – Geritol. What nobody bothered to mention was that Americans, thanks the vast quantities of beef we consume, generally have blood that is iron rich. If you don’t you have anemia. Today the familiar red bottle has all but disappeared. Not only could I not find it at my local CVS, the lad stocking the shelves had never heard of it.

Geritol’s own shelf life started to shorten after the quiz show scandals and multi-vitamins became the drug of choice. It re-invented itself in 80’s but it’s appeal could not be revived especially against the mass messaging of those couples in separate bathtubs who have just taken Viagra.

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