Let me ask you –why don’t the talents responsible for Burning Man create great public art closer to home? Truth is, a few do and you can see examples in an unlikely place, a spit of land just north of Golden Gate Fields. It’s a landfill peninsula studded (especially on the north shore) with flotsam art – weathered, graffittied detritus and some astonishing Transformer-like sculptures of rusted metal, especially the wiry 10 foot tall goddess with her hair (tree branches) flowing in the wind. There’s a small section of delicate Rube Goldberg-like constructions. This outdoor gallery is about a 10-minute walk from the parking lot and there are, in true anarchist spirit, no signs at all.

Bring your camera.

East Shore Park

Take 80 to Buchanan St. exit

Parking at end of Eastshore Park lot


Daylight hours

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