Cool, wet and fog wrapped, the cloud forest on Mt. Sutro (Mt.Parnassus to natives) above the old UCSF Medical Center, is a walk into a reverie. Only 80 acres [here’s the map] it is a dense forest of mostly eucalyptus with the verdant, ethereal theatricality of the Olympic Peninsula. Go west on Parnussus and park (quite a feat on weekdays) near Medical Center Way. Walk up it and take the staircase on your left. It’s a steep but short hike to the top. Or you can enter the newly opened Greenbelt trail on Stanyan & 17th. Then do your best to get lost. You really can’t succeed in that, since there’s medical student housing adjacent to the park. The students maintain an interesting native plant garden at the top. Head down to your east and you’ll find yourself in Cole Valley. A few blocks further west and you’re in Buena Vista Park. You can circle back through the Upper Haight to Parnnassus.The foggier, of course, the better.

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