The US Department of Defense has bequeathed the Bay Area great open spaces – like the Presidio and the Alameda Air Station with its wide-screen, carrier-deck view of the Bay. Once a month the former landing field is turned over to over 800 merchants of vintage everything. The celebrated Alameda Flea Market with its acres of the bizarre and the beautiful is worth waking up early for. You don’t want to get there after the dealers have picked the good stuff clean. Glean from 19th century to mid-century antiques, clothing, garden furniture, acres of the beautiful and the bizarre, with a strong appeal to schlock connoisseurs.

Bring your checkbook as not all vendors take plastic. No pets.

1st Sunday every month

Alameda Naval Air Station

antiques market

6-7:30 am $15

7:30-9 am $10

9am-3pm $5

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