The Geezer advises you there is almost nothing to watch on television during these dark winter nights and days(ok, we admit to being hooked on “The Good Wife). We survive quite well, however, with Netflix. They run a tight ship, though recent film hits may require a long wait. But their selection is rich and deep. Here is the Geezer’s sampling of current favorites.

Inglourious Basterds: Who but Quentin Tarantino could pull off a Nazi comedy-thriller?

Humpday: A formulaic indie about honest among slackers. Funny and finally, touching.

Tell No One: High speed French thriller keeps you guessing. Watch doctors who smoke.

Intelligence: TV show that’s Canada’s answer to The Sopranos. First season is best.

Sugar: Major league dreams of young, poor Dominican baseball players. Muchas charming.


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