Now that the sea lions have departed we curmudgeons see no reason to get within 10 blocks of Fisherman ‘s Wharf.

Still, since the stampede of tourists has thinned out, this might be an opportune time to check out a restaurant Michael Bauer will never sit foot in.

Forbes Island is eccentrically romantic, a hunk of sand, palms trees, a lighthouse and a restaurant. You ride a pontoon boat for 5 minutes from Pier 39 to the former houseboat which has been converted into an expensive, no-star dining establishment.

This is not Gary Danko though entrees can hit $39. What you get for your money is a very average meal served in a dining room under San Francisco Bay. The decor is nautical overload but who cares? Portholes let you watch marine life that you never realized thrived in the murky Bay.

Wonderfully weird.

3 thoughts on “submarine cuisine

  1. I’m only an aspiring geezer but I love what you are doing here.

    I didn’t know about Forbes Island. I will have to check it out.

  2. Strange isn’t it, that a site in the heart of tourist town is so little known. Let me know what you think.

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