The Geezer’s exercise theory is that if you pay money for a gym you are more likely to actually go there. But you don’t have to pay the going rate.

A good number of local gyms offer financial incentives to seniors.

If you’re an AARP member Gold’s Gym will cut $100 off enrollment and  up to 20% off dues. Curves offers AARP seniors 50% off enrollment.

Club One cuts monthly dues to $88 for seniors.

Seniors get no special rates at Equinox, the Bay Club or 24-hour Fitness.   YMCA senior discounts appear to vary by location.

There are insurance programs that cover some fitness expenses -like Healthways, Silver Sneakers or Kaiser’s Choose Health which provides discounts on  fitness clubs, acupuncture and massage therapy.

The idea that gym memberships can be deducted as a health expense is an urban myth.The IRS is unlikely to see it your way even if  you happen to get a recommendation from your doctor to exercise or die.

Finally you can save money on gyms by not going to one and concocting your own exercise regimen. Walk up Hyde Street.

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