Baltimore Canyon in Larkspur was once Janis Joplin’s backyard. Her “estate” (at 380 W. Baltimore) borders on this dreamlike hike. It’s especially enchanting now after this winter’s downpours. Dawn Falls leaps 20 feet into Larkspur Creek which courses through the heavenly art direction of redwoods, bays, madrones and everywhere, ferns.  It’s a Sierra Club calendar come to life.

Drive to Madrone Avenue across from Lark Creek Tavern (formerly Inn) and, since this is a neighborhood with limited parking, leave your car by the playground and walk to the trail.  Baltimore Canyon (named after a lumber company that once operated there) is only 2.2 miles and mostly flat. At the Falls, the Geezer recommends you take the switchback up to thefire trail where the Bay views are jaw-dropping.

Dogs on leashes are ok.

Feeling peckish after your stroll? Larkspur is a sweet little town whereyou’ll find great food at Left Bank, Picco and the superb  Italian bakery/ deli, Rulli.

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  1. For folks in the Lamorinda area the Lafayette Reservoir has a very nice 3.5 mile walk that circles the reservoir. Beautiful views and there’s a good chance you will see some wildlife. There is a much more aggressive hike that also circles the reservoir but up on the ridge line. It’s approximately 5 miles. Dogs on lease are welcome.

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