Judah and 24th might as well be on the far side of moon unless you’re taking your grandkids to the zoo or berserk enough to surf Ocean Beach. Outerlands Café, however, is well worth the trek. When the Outer Sunset is half-erased by fog you can’t find a finer, homier lunch or brunch. (Dinner also served) Their menu gives comfort food a huge upgrade. Moroccan French Toast uses Outerlands’ superb, airy levain (buy a few loaves to take home) and bathes it in almonds, orange and cinnamon ($7). We’re talking very nostalgic prices here. The buttery, garlicky grilled cheese sandwich is $4. The Geezer hasn’t attempted going that far west at night yet. But the garlic/onion/gruyere bread pudding sounds tempting.

Outerlands is tiny (7 not very large tables). No reservations. Waits may be long on weekends. Tables are added on the sidewalk when the weather is good enough eat outside. (hah!)

Inside it looks like a small barn in Bolinas. Old timber and driftwood craftily slapped together. The food, however, is worth filling up the tank and heading west.


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