On April 22 and 24 Britain’s National Theater again bestows on us colonists a stellar “live” London production. This time it is “The Habit of Art” by Alan Bennett (“History Boys”, “Madness of King George”) a fictionalized account of the encounters between poet W.H.Auden and composer Benjamin Britten. It shows at both the Elmwood Theater in Berkeley and the Lark in Marin. For those with a larger appetite for Britten there’s a special evening on April 19th at the Lark. It includes an award-winning documentary on the composer, a live acappella performance of his work by the Ave vocal ensemble and complimentary high tea. Doors open at 5:30. Tickets are $25. For more information call 415-924-5111.

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  1. Hey! Nowadays, the National Theatre in London is promoting its online shows for free (most of them). Some others should be paid.
    National Theatre Live broadcasts live performances of the best of British theatre to cinemas in the UK around the world.
    Don’t miss them!

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