Senior discounts are available at this year’s International Cannabis and Hemp Expo. Cool. According to a U.S. Government survey 8.8% of Americans over 65 smoked marijuana at least once in the last year. The Geezer suspects the figure is somewhat higher in the Bay Area where a number of otherwise reasonable people imagine marijuana will be legalized in their lifetime. Meanwhile it is California’s #1 cash crop (6 times bigger than grapes) and you can get a look at how the industry is growing at the Cannabis and Hemp Exposition at the Cow Palace April 17 and 18. In addition to the hundreds of vendors, there are live music, speeches and on-site consumption if you have a doctor’s prescription. Sign up for the raffle and win a $200 water pipe. Far out.

2 thoughts on “senior stoners

  1. Thanks El Geezer, though I would object that so many of the people over 65 in the Bay Area can be classified as reasonable. El Russo

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