photo courtesy of East Bay Regional Parks

Let your grandkids take a break from soccer camp, teen tech fairs and Mandarin classes. East Bay Regional Parks offers a massive array of less programmed outdoor activities. There’s an arrow making workshop that sounds right on target. Kids 12 and over use obsidian points, plant shoots, feathers, deer and natural pigments to make their own weaponry. For kids that are gatherers not hunters there’s a workshop where they take dry tule  and twine it into baskets. You may not know Justin Bieber’s latest hit but you can still be a grandparent who knows what’s happening.

One thought on “cool grandparenting

  1. I once took a ar load of hi schoolers to a Tilden class on SNAIL PREPARATIOn , and was I surprised when every kid ate em, garlic butter makes everything good. They had watched the whole process and knew they were eating common garden snails. AMAZING to me.

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