Remember when you used to complain about old coots driving slowly and badly? Now that you are one you are probably relieved to know that nothing has been done about it. The DMV still lets you hit the road until you prove yourself a menace. Renewal happens every 4 years and you can do it by mail. At age 70 you have to show up at the DMV in person to take the written and eye test. Not, inexplicably, a driving test. Plan way ahead and make an appointment. With state budget cuts the waits stretch for hours.

Oh, and you know that blue placard from your late parent that you’re tempted to use in handicapped parking zones? Don’t. Misuse is punishable by a minimum fine of $250 to $3,500 or imprisonment up to 6 months or both. Ouch.

One thought on “boomers behind the wheel

  1. The AAA – Auto Club offers driving ‘brush up’ sessions occasionaly. Everyone should maintain their good driving skills ie instead of screaming at the other guy – be responsible for yourself!

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