Who are these crackpot geezers? I’m talking about all our white haired brethren embarrassing themselves at Tea Party events. The ones who blather against government managed health care but would fight to the death before giving up their Medicare cards. According to a NYT poll, 30% of these nut cases are over 50. So much for older and wiser.

Of course you’re going to vote. This June’s ballot is do-able, not the usual, indecipherable 26 Propositions. The real puzzle is why any sane person would want to run for governor of this dysfunctional state.

In fact sometimes it appears the whole country is suffering from Alzheimers. Everyone seems to have blanked out on our Iraq/Afghan debacle, the longest war in US history (Vietnam was never a declared war) unless you count the 46 year war against the Apache Nation.

I know Mission Bay is all about humanitarian medical breakthroughs, but to this Geezer the “campus” there looks soulless. I’m just saying.

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