A great afternoon in Napa, now that the crowds have thinned out, is to visit some of the more architecturally adventurous wineries. As lovely as they are, I’m not recommending the faux chateaux and farmhouse mcmansions. The Geezer’s list is highly selective and I would certainly like to hear your own choices.

Darioush is pop Persian, what King Nebuchadnezzar would have built if he were into Bordeaux.

Stags Leap Ranch was inspired by Hundertwasser, the whimsical Viennese artist. There is not a straight line in the place.

Artesa is a massive geometrical mound, like a bunker or an ancient funeral site, edged with formal gardens and fountains.

Castello di Amorosa, one of the  more outrageous vintner follies, resembles a brand new 13th century Tuscan castle.

Clos Pegase was designed by Michael Graves in his mid post-modern period, a quite elegant temple to the grape, the grounds dotted with Henry Moores and Richard Serras.

Dominus, from Herzog and deMeuron, eccentric architects of the new de Young, is a simple geometric structure with walls built out of cages of rocks.

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