Getting through a wet, cold winter day is getting easier and easier. Just press “play movie” on any of these Geezer DVD recommendations.

Soap Dish– A tasty satire on tv soaps circa 1990 with a whacky cast including  Whoopi Goldberg, Carrie Fisher, Robert Downey Jr. A pretty complete crackup especially the last 15 minutes.

City Island– Way underrated blue collar comedy that came and went this year.”The Good Wife’s”  (best network tv show right now) Julianna Marguiles kills as a long suffering Long Island mom.

Damned United – A British soccer movie with maybe about 5 minutes of actual onscreen soccer but a terrific Peter Morgan (he wrote “The Queen”) character study of a coach’s comeuppance..

The Informant– Another gem from last year with Matt Damon as a laughably hustling Midwestern businessman. Based on a true story and way more trenchant than the similarly located “Up in The Air”.

La Ceremonie – A master’s masterpiece. Claude Chabrol (the French Hitchcock) insinuates a couple of very disturbed women (including a deeply creepy Isabelle Huppert) into a privileged family.

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