Bay Area seniors can get so snarky about our cliched tourist attractions that they miss the opportunity to be re-dazzled. A perfect example is the detonation of pink cherry blossoms about to occur in Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden at some point during this MARCH. You need to check their website to find out when the garden bursts into fragrant clouds of flowers. Better not lah-di-dah. This spectacular show usually lasts just a week.  Built in 1894 it covers 4 acres of maples, cherry and bamboo. The teahouse is authentically serene though their mochi cakes are dry. If you arrive before 10 am on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, admission is free.

In the East Bay amidst the Hayward sprawl, there is a surprisingly authentic and serene 3-acre Japanese Garden with koi ponds and a small teahouse. You are likely to have it all to yourself especially on weekday afternoons. Daily 10-4.  Free.

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