575 TV channels and, of course, there’s nothing on. What would we do without Netflix? The following is a list in no particular order of Geezer DVD recommendations to get you through the dregs of winter.

Carlos eats up 5 1/2 hours, recounting in riveting detail, the life of the 70’s most notorious  terrorist, the man who kidnapped  OPEC oil ministers. Edgar Ramirez is plain brilliant in the title role.

Soapdish is a massively underrated farce about daytime TV. Everybody from Robert Downey to Whoopi Goldberg overplays their roles deliriously.The final 15 minutes are classic.

In Bruges delights people who like their comedies as dark as possible. Thug Colin O’Farrell is on a vacation from hell in this grim Belgian city. Capped by a shocking murder in a cathedral.

Fabulous Baker Boys, despite its flat ending, lushly tracks the musical romance of Jeff Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer, both at their height of star glamour. I swear they even give life to the awful song “Feelings”.

The Town proves conclusively what a terrific director Ben Affleck is as well as reconfirming Boston as a cradle of crime as well as liberty. Some of the best car chases in recent memory.

Sugar follows a star baseball player from the Dominican Republic as he makes it into the majors. An honest, unadorned story of a not-quite-talented-enough guy dealing with disappointment and culture shock.

La Cermonie from Claude Chabrol, considered France’s Hitchcock, doubles the shock value of its carnage by treating it with Gallic casualness. Isabelle Huppert is the most nonchalant murderess ever on screen.

Head On is set among Turkish punks in Germany. But wait….it’s a romance that arcs from violence to tenderness. Two deeply unappealing characters grow on you all the way to its heartbreaking conclusion.

The Leopard may be the greatest, most elegant epic ever made. Burt Lancaster is utterly convincing as a 19th century Sicilian nobleman watching his social class collapse, See it on the biggest screen you can.

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