Bay Area seniors who don’t mind queuing up with hordes of Gen X, Y and Z’s will find nostalgic cuisine at its best  at the utterly single-minded Great American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Basically that’s the whole point of this cramped and crowded restaurant. They updated  classic  grilled cheese (including chevre, sharp cheddar, mozzafrella, fontina,havarti and gruyere)  sandwiches on fresh levain with a variety with dressings like Sierra Stout Mustard , basil-lavender pesto and apricot-jalapeno relish. All are in the $8-9 range. A few simple soups and salads are also proferred. Cookies, cold drinks, beer and wine available. There’s sidewalking seating or you can bag it to historic South Park around the corner. Open til 7 on baseball days.


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