Bay Area seniors who avoid the twee charms of Carmel might reconsider their attitude with a visit to Tor. Here on a rocky Pacific outcropping is where Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962) the Big Sur poet who was so celebrated in his time (the 20‘s and 30’s) that he made the cover of Time Magazine, built his fantasy house. He  hauled in rough Santa Lucia granite boulders and created this small but musclebound Irish stone cottage with redwood interiors. Later he added the 40 foot Hawk Tower with sweeping views of Pt. Lobos. Even  on a foggy day without the panorama, the place is entrancing. The still charming garden is much reduced from Jeffers’s original as his heirs sold off most of the property. Open for tours Fridays and Saturdays only. $7 admission. No children under 12. Reserve now for the Garden Party on Sunday May 1.



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