Seniors who find sailing the Bay turns their stomach into a mosh pit, have some more serene alternatives – cruising up local rivers. The big one, of course, is the Sacramento. Tragically, the Geezer has come up empty handed after searching for cruises from SF to the State Capital. If anyone out there knows more than Google on this subject, please contact me.

From Sacramento itself there is a flotilla of river cruises. Hornblower offers one with a champagne Sunday brunch which is nicely discounted on Goldstar. You can drift north to romantic Redding in a glass bottom vessel with a gondolier or sail south into the heart of California on the San Joaquin River  to Stockton.

Closer to home Napa River Adventures is re-starting its power boat cruises this month. Even the Petaluma River has voyages along that waterway’s restored wetlands.


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