On a recent Geezer expedition to NYC the operatically epic, simply heartbreaking 9/11 Memorial re-ignited my puzzlement on our own area’s lack of interesting public architecture. I’m ok with the Litchenstein under the Bay Bridge and the Goldsworthy bower in the Presidio and the Serra at the Oliver Ranch. But the gnarled Burning Man crone on Octavia or the podium of protestors on 880 in Berkeley? Give me a break, please.  In this old goat’s opinion the best new public sculpture in town is the soaring Federal Office Building on Mission. It refutes my contention that the architects in SF lose their courage creating any building over three stories. Have you see the plans for SFMOMA’s extension? I was never a big fan of the current  Radisson-like lobby but the new white lump that is replacing looks like a ream of stationary. And while I’m steaming along let me bore you with my current rant on the general subject of cultural greatness. The Bay Area is awash in giga-gazillions of tech money but where are the Peninsula Medicis who will deservedly turn Mountain View into a city as richly artistic as Renaissance Florence?

Gifts  for geezers? The fact of the matter is that most people I know in our demographic boat are dumping possessions overboard and not inclined to accumulate new ones. A smart phone upgrade? An electronic wine opener? A day trolling Union Square or the StoneRidge Mall? No thank you. Here are a few holiday suggestions that are unlikely to be returned;

Gift certificates to classes at the Osher Institute or Olli in Berkeley.

Dinner and a night at the snug Pelican Inn in Muir Beach.

Thai cooking classes.

A Segway tour through Golden Gate Park

A gift pack of seeds for next spring’s vegetable garden.

A year’s supply of Geek Squad support.

A splashy family ride on SF Bay’s JetBoat.

Anything flannel lined to wear to the coming Global Chilling.

An earthquake supply kit.

An obese check to the recipient’s charity of choice.


Any more suggestions from Geezer readers??


Bah! It feels so useless to get personally politically involved in national issues when we are living in an area where you all just about agree with me on everything.

Pitching my tent with Occupiers is not an option until they come up with an actual agenda.

Both political parties are too inept even to get a $10 check from me.

When I get really despairing I fall back on the consolation that if this country could survive George W. Bush we can survive anything.


My greatest joy this joyous season is watching our soldiers leave Iraq.












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