This is going to be the year I learn to play the guitar, study Chinese, take up ziplining, raise chickens, run the Dipsea, change my digital format Preference Settings, apply for the Peace Corps, sign up for tango lessons, and reduce my donut consumption.Or was that last year?

As ever I am prepared for disappointment but I’m crossing my fingers that the state commission working on redistricting will break the deadlock that has paralyzed Sacramento for the past decade.

I’m wishing there’s a wisp of a hint of a prayer that the 49ers do not move to the boondocks of Santa Clara.

Will the Occupy movement come off its cloud and actually push for practical programs like jobs and public works bills, reversal of tax regulations favoring plutocrats, humanized immigration policies, anything specific?

BART will finally install firm new seats to replace the current ancient, sagging, smelly furniture. While I’m on the subject why can’t they come up with a public address system that we can actually hear above the din of wheels.

Goodbye, Christopher Hitchens who’s dying essay is incomparably powerfully brilliant evidence of genius.

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