Bay seniors driving north on 101 past San Rafael are familiar with the spacey landmark left behind by Frank Lloyd Wright in the cleavage of Marin hills in 1962 . Its aqueduct like stretch of arches, Prussian blue tiled roof  and 162 foot gold spire seem to have arrived from another planet. In fact Marinite George Lucas used it for  his pre-Star Wars films, THX-113.  The interior where hallways are flooded with light and you expect to meet Flash Gordon any second is well worth a visit.  There are docent led tours every Wednesday at 10:30 am. $5 a person, no reservation required. Did you know that Wright also made a preliminary design for the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, a “butterfly” format far more inspired than the current unnecessarily drab one. If anyone knows where to find  drawings of it, the Geezer would be humbly grateful.

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