It’s understandable why many Bay seniors might be wary of MidMarket. The parade of the city’s fringe populace can seem like a menacing circus. But the Geezer predicts it will all change within 5 years as high tech moves in. Start re-acclimating yourself to the area by taking any of the free tours in and around City Hall. This elaborate Beaux Arts edifice was built in 1915 after an earlier, larger one was leveled in 1906. It was repainted recently and the dome looks like a Prussian helmet but the place has considerable history beyond the assassination site of Harvey Milk and George Moscone. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married here as were hundreds of gay couples.  And this was where the our generation’s “revolution”  started, when protestors at the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings were hosed down the magnificient Rotunda staircase in 1960.Free.

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