Bay seniors are both thrilled and alarmed by this winter’s distinctly summer-like weather. More sun means more time outdoors and if you haven’t visited in a while, we suggest a five-minute ferry ride to the wild beauties of Angel Island. There are 2 main hikes – a 5 mile loop on the fire road and a shorter jaunt to the summit of Mt. Livermore. Feet are not your only choice of transport here. There’s also a tram and for $65 a wild tour on Segways. The military posts and immigration facilities are being restored, reminding us of the Island’s important history. Who knew that in 1938 this was where a hearing was held to determine whether to deport labor organizer Harry Bridges as a communist? (He was vindicated.) The Geezer seems to recall that Angel Island was an early candidate for Disneyland before Anaheim was selected. Any readers out there remember this?


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