Bay seniors who have not cancelled their Netflix memberships might want to check out these Geezer applauded titles:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Who knew SF had such an enormous simian population ready to take over the town? Awesomely inventive SFX, edge of your seat fun.

Shameless Season One: Another reason to maybe subscribe to Showtime. A motherless, edge of poverty Chicago family of scammers who put the fun in dysfunctional.

Incendies: Grown twins trace the story of their mother who was caught up in horrendous Lebanese civil wars. Rivetingly realistic, emotionally charged tale of carnage and courage.

The Hour Season One and Zen: BBC does it again. The first is a murder mystery set in a tv news program during the Suez Crisis. The second a policier in contemporary Rome. Both, need I say, brilliantly scripted and acted.

Buck: Documentary about a charmer who overcame a horrendous childhood to become America’s most celebrated horse whisperer. Not the mushy melodrama you might expect.

Phil Ochs There but for Fortune: Deeply touching trip back to the glory days of folk music with this almost forgotten but ferociously talented singer/songwriter.

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