Bay seniors are becoming nerds. Tech is in the air we breathe here. New devices are rewiring our lives. A guy I know with serious hearing problems received hearing aids that were also Blue Tooth.  So he could take phone calls even hear music on them. There is clearly a vast market out there for Senior Apps. If there are any web developers reading this here are a few suggestions that could reap you gazillions.

WhoRU?.com: When you see someone walking towards that you know you know, but whose name wholly escapes you, wave to them with your iPhone, which ID’s them instantly and their name will pop up on your screen. When people talk too long about their medical issues (5 minute limit), a beeper will be set off. A GPS for hikers who loose their way on any of the miles of unmarked trails on Mt. Tam. Press this button and it alerts you to anniversaries, birthdays with 5 bars of the Stones “Under My Thumb.” A transmitter that size of a cashew is implanted in your brain that.connects instantly to Google when you suddenly forget the lyrics to “Walk Away, Renee” or who led the 49ers in pass completions.

More suggestions gladly welcome.


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