Bay seniors who have heard Carrie Fisher’s hilarious tale of her father Eddie Fisher mistaking his microscopic new hearing aids for pills, can appreciate the sudden and dramatic interest in hearing loss. Helen Keller famously once said she would rather be blind than deaf. Hearing aids come in a spectrum of capabilities. You should know that Medicare doesn’t cover them, nor does it cover hearing tests. You are not alone. Unsurprisingly, Pete Townsend of the Who has come auditorially out the closet admitting a severe loss. And yes, hearing aids are getting smaller, more digital, some calling themselves invisible. One size does not fit all. Hearing aids are like eyewear, regularly needing adjustment. The most extreme form of medical treatment is a cochlear implant, which is highly successful for anyone with a severe hearing loss from disease or injury. Thanks to Loyal Reader B. Rosenthal for the news that the current cavalry coming to the rescue of hard of hearing seniors is the “hearing induction loop”. Copper wires are installed around the periphery of a room, a theater, a concert hall which transmits sounds only from a mike, not from the audience hubbub. In the Bay Area only a handful of churches have installed it. The Geezer urges you to  campaign for hearing loops by hounding managers at your favorite theaters. Until they do you can always cart around this personal version for $9.95. Geezer note: Always put your Netflix DVDs on “Subtitles, especially if they’re Irish, Scottish or British films.


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