Bay seniors who’ve suspected that farmers’ market prices vary according to neighborhood will have their suspicious confirmed at the Old Oakland Farmers Market, on Broadway and 9th  every Friday from 8 to 2. The Geezer saw Pink Lady Apples for 50 cents a pound, blood oranges for  $1.50 a pound, bunches of spring onions for 78 cents. It’s not only enormous but, with a significant clientele from nearby Chinatown, you’ll come across unique items like sugar cane, mustard greens and salted and unsalted duck eggs. And all the organic, Mexican, Indian delicacies we obsess over are right here. While you’re in the neighborhood, check out the town’s original gourmet market, Ratto’s now in it’s second century or hang out next door at Caffe 817 which was a Geezer fave way before Uptown Oakland got hot. And a note to everyone shocked by the closing of Bakesale Betty on Broadway. Rumor has it that it will reopen this Spring as a sit down restaurant. Meanwhile harangue the management at the Temescal shop about the disappearance of their toothsome Chicken Pot Pie.

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