I send checks to KQED but almost never watch it. Their Lawrence Welk Hours and amateur “Check Please, Bay Area” shows seem to be repeated endlessly. Ms. Geezer madly admired “Downtown Abbey”. Me, not so much. I have a slightly different problem with KQED’s radio version. Before you rush headlong to the defense of Michael Krasny and Terry Gross let me heartily agree that they are exemplars of their profession. My irritation comes from daily running into fellow Bay Area Geezers who are eager to parrot back exactly what they heard today on those shows.  I know I am part of an army of unrepentant liberals marching in lockstep but I hate to be reminded of it.

What is there left to say about the Republican presidential candidates? More maddeningly ludicrous are the audiences at their debates. Booing whenever Medicare or birth control is mentioned. Where do these people come from? They remind me once again why I am here, forced politically to live in the Bay Area.

News is a huge Geezer topic of conversation. I try to keep up but not let it get me down. I always try to remind myself that if we survived George W. Bush we can survive anything.

Speaking of local radio what’s with KDFC? Since it went public its signal has seriously weakened. I can no longer receive it so have switched to Pandora which lets me choose any genre and plays it for me with no deejays and few commercials. As you probably guessed if you’ve been reading the Geezer for any length of time, my taste is for the Corny & Sentimental.  I worship at the Church of Leonard Cohen.

I have a dog whom I’ve diagnosed with canine dementia. He stands in the middle of a room staring into space for 20 minutes at a time. I don’t talk about it much. In fact I encourage all readers to limit discussions of their pets. A close friend with a new dachsundoodle went on for 15 minutes in excited detail of the pup’s antics. Naturally, exercising my rights as a curmudgeon, I told him his time was up.




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