Bay seniors who’d prefer playing baseball versus going out to pasture, take heart. There are Slo Pitch Softball teams for guys like us. We can’t match San Diego which has a league exclusively for men over 80. And our teams don’t have intriguing names like Roseville’s Viagra Softball Club. But we do have the very active Redwood City Chiefs and Pleasanton’s Mens Legends. A starting guide to seniors sports, both male and female, can be found here.

If you’re irate at having to shell out 57 smackers for a Giants ticket, there are local farm clubs worth checking out.Both Fresno and Sacramento have Triple A teams. Modesto, San Jose and Stockton have Class A clubs.

Any spring weekend night you can spectate loudly for local high school and college teams. We’re cheering mightily for the reborn Bears at UC who were on life support a year ago.

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