Bay seniors do spring cleaning year round. Aren’t we all always eager to reduce the stuff we’ve accumulated over a lifetime? Do our kids really want photos of their grandparent’s wedding reception or our Donovan LPs? You’d be surprised how many people would be happy to take your junk if you just leave it out on the sidewalk. I had some luck with Craigslist but it was scary the number of people who located my email address even when I advertised anonymously. Garage sales are another option if you can figure out what price you should ask for that slightly cracked tea set. I know an intrepid couple who scours these sales, then resells what they’ve bought for twice the price. A number of outfits will de-clutter your house for you. They even have their own professional association. If the whole idea of straightening up your life freaks you out here are some support groups for hoarders. 

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