Bay seniors don’t have to be reminded of our most awesome icon. We celebrate it every time we cross it. The Golden Gate Bridge’s silver anniversary is happening next month starting Sunday May 27 and though I wish there were a few more laser fireworks and other dazzlements from Burning Man artists, there are 75 (get it?) events to check out. Celebrated audio artist Bill Fontana will salute the bridge with a “sonic duet” between the span and the Farrallons at SF Moma. A mob of artists will showing at Fort Point under the aegis of a group called International Orange (that’s the color of the Bridge’s paint) and New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger with be lecturing on the Bridge on May 22 at the Jewish Community Center. The span will not be closed for a public walk on. As you may remember, when it was tried during the 50th anniversary the roadway nearly flattened.


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