Bay seniors are likely to be shocked by the price of food in San Francisco – shocked that it’s as cheap as it was 100 years ago on the Barbary Coast. In a few special places at a few special times you can actually eat for free. Every Monday starting around 10am pick up free bagels at 24th and Alabama at the La Victoria Bakery. On Tuesdays from 4 to 7 the Riptide, a classic divebar, offers free hotdogs soaked in beer. Then move on to the Monarch at 101 6th Street and when you buy a drink you get a complimentary tamale. Free and cheap goodies and activities are always available at the invaluable site, Saloons that offer munchies gratis is a SF tradition that goes back to our rowdy past. Find ones that still serve up this kind of hospitality here. In a more contemporary vein discover  fresh produce for nothing at the Free Farm Stand in SF at 23rd & Treat. Any readers out there have more of these cheapo sources?

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