MidMarket the suddenly booming new area in the dregs around the SF Civic Center is further evidence of the fresh digital goldrush taking place in the city. The Geezer is skeptical about the longevity of all the social networking businesses moving in, but the skyrocketing prices for Noe Valley real estate don’t lie. Expect to see the Tenderloin gentrified in our lifetime. The new entrepreneurs in skinny jeans are dreaming up things I could never have imagined. At a party the other day I was told that for people who drop their smart phones, tiny airbags are now available for their device. I’m not kidding.

What have I learned after 3 score and 8 years of living? There are two kinds of people in this world: People who ask how you are doing and are actually interested (1%) and those who would happily spend your whole conversation talking about themselves (99%).

Still residing in the family home?  I’m finding “downsizing” to be a more constant topic of conversation these days than the Giants, the A’s  or the summer fog. What people are looking for – two or three bedrooms, a garden plot, access to BART – are just not being built. [I’m not talking about more Rossmores.] If you know any land developers, please get them on this assignment ASAP.

I’m not proud. I have any easy time admitting I like subtitles on tv. Especially if they’re films or shows from Great Britain. I wouldn’t have understand a syllable of the brilliant “The Guard” in movie theaters. But on Netflix it came with subtitles. Just received instructions from DirecTV (5 easy steps) so maybe now I can follow the dialogue on the dark, clever new “Hit and Miss” series on AMC. Speaking of tv, my fingers and eyes are crossed that Aaron Sorkin’s “Newsroom” clicks into brilliance.



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