Bay seniors who find Charlie Rose only whets their appetite for more intellectual stimulation, might want to consider auditing a class or two at UC Berkeley. The range is vast from Cognitive Science to Hindi-Urdu, Cueniform to Medieval Paleography, more than 7,000 classes. Any Californian, even if you’re not a registered student, can grab a seat. There appears to be no paperwork and no fees required to stop in for a lecture but it’s still best to ask the professor’s permission. In a crowded lecture hall you are expected to sit, or stand near the back. If  you have time to spare head uphill for a look at the dazzling renovation of Memorial Stadium.

One thought on “back to school

  1. I am doing it: two classes, each meets once a week for 3 hours. Keeps me up late at night reading. Fun to be with young people and learn new things.

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