I keep my mouth shut wary of sounding condescending but have always been convinced that the music, politics, art, etc of our youth were massively more interesting than anything that’s occurred since then. Until now. I admit to an eager envy over the -popping activities of the recent Burning Man (http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/pictures/burning-man-2012-20120905)

though there’s not even a slim chance of my ever romping with 70,000 revellers in the middle of a scorching desert. Why don’t we see of these artists displaying their literally fantastic wares around the Bay?


The continuing tech renaissance in the Bay Area is not hype. It is, as the digirati say, transformative. Check out the action in Mountain View and Mid-Market.  There is definitely a flood of brainiacs arriving daily. Yet while they are solving all sorts of problems we didn’t know we had, can’t they spare a few minutes to transform Muni, unclog the freeways, simplify tv remote controls and reduce the number of wires coming out of our computers?

Have you noticed how much better tv has gotten lately? Shows like Damages, Breaking Bad, The Good Wife, Homeland, Boss and Newsroom are more original and better written than almost any recent movie you can think of. I leapt off the sofa during the final rant of Newsroom when Will McAvoy’s aria against the Tea Party climaxed by calling it the “American Taliban”!

I don’t get Sausalito. Its setting is a jewel, Portofino on the Bay. Its hills are studded with architectural delights. The views are awesome. A handful of waterfront restaurants take advantage of their location. This should be Hayes Street on the water. But most of Bridgeway is  a shlock nirvana glutted with t-shirt shops and tourist gizmos, a repeat of Fisherman’s Wharf. What a waste.

Grandparents, I think we all agree, should be treated like gods.

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