Certain seniors (and you know who you are) need designated drivers. There are just too many geezers gradually losing their vehicular skills for me to feel totally safe on Bay streets. Dare I recommend the DMV start instituting more frequent driving tests for our demographic? How do we tell our friends that we are only being supportive in begging them to get off the road?  My tolerance for driving generally has diminished. And that includes a new fury at dangerously distracted bicyclists.  Slow drivers on country roads who refuse to pull over drive me apoplectic. As do people who don’t use their turn signals. Just sayin’.

Why should I be slightly embarrassed telling my agnostic/atheist friends and family that on Sunday mornings I like to hang out in church? I shouldn’t. Though I still don’t buy into the trinity, I delight in the oversized serenity of great religious architecture like the new Cathedral on Lake Merritt in Oakland. And even more, I can’t seem to keep away from  thrilling, joyous live Gospel choirs. It just proves one can be anti-religion and still have a religious experience.

I say let Texas secede. If they want science classes to teach that the earth was created in 7 days, why stop them? If they insist that President Obama is absconding with their liberty, why even discuss it?  Let them live in a state of denial. To be frank I empathize with them. I recall frequently feeling the same way about California seceding during the deadly administration of George W.

I would prefer not to hear any bitching about the weather. It is winter in the Bay Area.  It is damp, soggy, sad, cold, like living in a black and white photo. Get over it. Learn to love it. I look out into the misty city and think of some intriguing Eastern European capital like Prague. I walk in the salty, bracing fog and am reminded of the sea that stretches beyond the Bay. If you really can’t handle it, there’s always LA.



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