Bay seniors don’t need stuff. Most of us are trying to downsize. Nevertheless it is the holidays and the Geezer has found a few age appropriate gifts.

Who are you? Clamber up your family tree online thanks to

Last year you thought iPads were pointless. As your cellphone gets harder to read, suddenly larger screen tablets make perfect sense. Of course not the mini.

For lounge potatoes there’s an exercise machine to use while you are just sitting there.

For boomers who eager to rewire their kitchen, there’s “How to Fix Everything for Dummies”.

On the fashion front, nothing says you care like a t-shirt. The Geezer is fond of the “Meh” line.

A bit of nostalgia for many male  geezers is a “hairbrush” for bald men.

Do you have any more gift suggestions for our demographic?

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