Bay seniors who fought for civil rights and ending the Vietnam War have a new foray on their hands. All around the Bay Area hiking trails are being closed off to our pups, including all state parks and beaches. Pooches are verboten as far north as Point Reyes. The government’s excuse is potential damage to native flora and fauna. One or two sites seem to have lengthy, up-to-date lists of where you and Fido are welcome,. The picture, on the other hand, at restaurants that allow (though not serve) dogs is brighter. Dozens of these eateries welcome quiet, behaved curs on their patio or sidewalks. Some unexpected hosts are Absinthe, Outerlands and A La Turka. To the Geezer’s surprise dogs are allowed on BART if they are in a container, and on Muni if they are muzzled and leashed. On Muni they are free but on BART they must buy a ticket.


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