I am done with vineyard wine tastings. Standing around and sip, sip, sipping, watching baristas pouring their celebrated Cab Franc I start to relax, thinking a real conversation will ensue. Instead the endless spiel begins of soil acidity and the remarkable difference the 2009 rains made. It’s like being trapped by a QVC hostess.

There’s a gaping hole in California history. We can visit Missions and gold mines but where are the haciendas, rancheros and estancias that dotted the state from 1828-1841? Wasn’t it a kind of non-stop fiesta, party-til-you-drop era then? Anyone know of a decently restored authentic hacienda? The Geezer hasn’t been able to find a one.

Mr.& Ms. Geezer watched the entire second season of “Homeland” in one week. Big mistake. It was the first time I can remember watching TV on Saturday morning since my kids were small. Every episode was addictive but run so close together the plotting got preposterous. It’s hard to buy Grady’s patriotic switcheroos.

You go to B&B’s? Really? How can you bear coming down to breakfast where the other guests are waiting for you with pictures of their grandchildren?

At a party a woman from LA looked out over the Bay view and commented to me that even though she loves it here she finds it hard to take the epidemic of smugness. She’s right, you know. It makes it so damn hard to be modest when our town is beautiful, talent-filled and booming. Especially booming.I may be a hardcore preservationist but I get a thrill seeing cranes over mid-Market.

Have you noticed the lack of news lately? The juicy political fights like last year’s Obamacare, God’s rape prevention programs and immovable budget standoffs are gone. One reason I believe things are so quiet in Sacramento is that things are getting done. And they are getting done because the Democrats have a supermajority. And the Democratics have a supermajority because we voted in redistricting. A panel of ex-judges drew boundary lines not a panel of pols. Can you imagine what would happen if that was instituted nationwide?

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